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Online Degree Attainment – A New Year’s Resolution Worth Keeping

Dallas, TX – January 28, 2011 - A new year has arrived and with it come a myriad of New Year’s resolutions. Learning something new and making a career change are two of the top 10 resolutions made by millions of people each year. This year, Online Degree Center, an online degree information site that connects students with accredited online colleges and universities, is dedicated to helping potential students take the first step toward achieving these resolutions.

While 2009 brings change and history-making events, it also begins with high unemployment rates and a recession-like economy. For this reason, the college enrollment rate is much higher than in previous years. Training for a new career or expanding a current profession through a higher degree is going to ensure preparedness during these uncertain financial times. An online degree from an accredited college or university can provide the same preparedness, but also the flexibility and convenience of online learning at your own pace and schedule.

Online Degree Center serves as a partner to both student and university by providing an online venue where students can search for accredited online colleges or universities that match their career interests or field of study. In addition, Online Degree Center assists students by clarifying the degree attainment procedures, answering the many questions that arise as the process begins, providing scholarship and financial aid information along with several articles and resources.

“Online Degree Center gives potential virtual learners the tools they need to prepare themselves for the college experience,” said Becky Stevens, Degree Specialist for Online Degree Center. “In addition, online classes start every 6-10 weeks unlike the traditional campus-based college schedule. Getting a late start on your New Year’s resolution is not a problem with online colleges.”

The online colleges of Online Degree Center, are nationally accredited institutions and offer a variety of degrees including Online Associate Degrees, Online Bachelor Degrees, Online Master Degrees and Online Doctorate Degrees. In addition, many online colleges offer Certificates, Diplomas or continued education training. Get an online degree and change careers or just take a few online classes to learn something new. Either way, the resolutions of 2011 can be a reality with Online Degree Center.

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