Accredited Schools versus Non-Accredited Schools

When choosing a college, you have a lot of choices. Should you choose a traditional or online college? Public or private? Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree?

Going Back to School: Advice for Adult Learners

Maybe you want to return to school to complete a degree you never finished. Or maybe you never got started on a college degree, or you’re interested in changing careers.

Five Reasons To Get Your College Degree Online

Thinking about getting a degree? If so, you might want to give online colleges a second look. Online schools offer significant benefits over campus colleges.

Associate’s Degrees Vs. Bachelor's Degrees

Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees are two different degrees you can earn after high school. Both have their benefits and drawbacks.

How to Choose the Right Online College

Interested in an online education? You’re not alone. Millions of students have signed up for online degree programs.

Five Reasons Why You Need a College Degree

It’s true that college is more expensive than ever. But it’s still worth it to get a degree, either from a traditional school or from an online college.

Grants and Scholarships: Six Ways to Get Free Money For Your Education

Grants and scholarships aren’t just for class presidents and athletic stars. Some grants are given based on financial need.

How to Fund a College Education

There are several ways you can fund a college education for yourself or your child without breaking the bank.

Online College vs. Traditional College

There are advantages to choosing both online colleges and campus schools—and knowing what they are can help you decide which is right for you.

Pros and Cons of a College Education

With the increasing financial difficulties involved in earning a degree, it can be tempting to consider foregoing a college degree.

Accreditation vs Non-Accreditation

You will work hard for your college degree or diploma, so that college degree or diploma should be of outstanding quality!

Why Do You Need a College Degree?

I will concede that there are jobs that require an extensive amount of education but pay very little & jobs that require very little education and pay tremendously large salaries, this is also NOT the norm!

Most Sought after Degrees | Associates vs Bachelors

Two of the most sought after college degrees are the Bachelor’s Degree and the Associate’s Degree, both of which carries their own usefulness and prestige that will vary from profession to profession. 

Choosing the Right School for Your Needs

The term "College" is often used loosely to refer to all institutes of learning; however, distinctions must be to ensure that prospective students choose a school that best suits their needs. 

What’s Best for You | Traditional College vs Online Colleges

Online colleges are the wave of the future, and they certainly seem ideal! However, it is important to understand the similarities and differences in campus programs and online programs before you commit yourself to one or the other.

Ways to Afford College

Before even securing admission, a prospective student should research the various resources available that will help to supplement tuition, books, housing, and other costs that will be incurred. 

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