Why Do You Need a College Degree?

I will concede that there are jobs that require an extensive amount of education but pay very little, but this is NOT the norm!  While I admit that there are also jobs that require very little education and pay tremendously large salaries, this is also NOT the norm!

More often than not, individuals who boast the completion of a degree program and have the ever-respected, all-powerful college degree earn more money than those who do not.  It is that simple. 

There are professions that do not require a college degree in order for you to be successful, but let’s face it.  In order to advance within a career, a college degree is a great bargaining chip!  Without a college degree, you could remain employed as a manager for the duration of your life; however, with a college degree in Business Administration or Accounting, for example, you could own your own business or even buy someone else’s!  With a college degree, you’ve made this a more attainable, more realistic prospect.

Statistics consistently show lower unemployment rates and more than double annual salary earnings for individuals who hold a Bachelor’s Degree when compared to individuals who hold a high school diploma only. 

It is even rumored that College Degree holders boast a healthier, more prosperous life and find a greater degree of self-fulfillment.

Your career options are plentiful when you hold a college degree.  More and more employers are requiring that prospective employees hold a college degree in an area that is beneficial to their company, organization or business.  A college degree gives you a competitive edge and commands respect.   

The quest to obtain your college degree should not be based on the financial benefits alone.  This quest is a personal one and culminates in personal satisfaction and growth, so the quest should also be based on your own personal needs and preferences. 

Whatever the reason you decide to pursue a college degree, know that it is beneficial to all aspects of your personal and professional life!

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